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The difference between thinking your people management works, and proving it.

Giving your people skills for managing a team is one thing. Getting them excited about their career development is another. We make both happen, with soap-opera style episodes that bring learning into the real world. We get your people talking, growing, and performing like never before. Then give you the data to prove that it’s working.

The courses

Bringing the drama to L&D

Real life isn’t simple – it’s complicated. So why not embrace it? Our seven immersive courses are a master class in real-life, scenario-based learning. We bring energy, positivity and expertise to every course. All we ask of you is to raise your expectations of what L&D can deliver.


  • Immersive, scenario-based learning – not just long-winded text, slides and videos.
  • Automatic measurement built in.
  • Courses that enhance anything you’ve already got in place.

Real working life comes with tricky situations, and a demand for strategic thinking. So we park the theory, and tackle reality head-on.

How we make better managers
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What to expect from the whole approach

It starts with a Quick Skills Check to show your managers’ skills now. Then a blend of online learning and remote coaching/facilitated sessions. Next, Mastery Checks show what behaviour change has started to happen. It’s all brought together with a final ‘Where next?’ coaching session, to review and launch their further development. The final evaluation comes from assessing the impact of the coaching, combined with feedback from the courses. Pick what works for you.

7 Managing People Icons

Measuring great managers

Checking every manager’s
competency level

What does ‘good’ people management look like? We deal in seven competencies:

  • Communication
  • Team working
  • Adapting to change
  • Relationships
  • Planning and organising
  • Ability to analyse
  • Delivering results

Within these, there are 69 key behaviours. We assess your people’s skills for managing a team in the context of each competency and behaviour, and measure performance against them. It’s complex in nature, but simple in practice.

Download the competency and behaviours model

The power of going granular

The answer is in our learning approach. When people are faced with real-life narratives, they respond authentically. No guesses, no shortcuts, and no zooming through courses simply to ‘get them done’. Instead, we arm people with the practical skills they need to make an immediate difference.

The power of going granular
Learning results

The results

Put a smile on your team’s
– and the board’s – faces

Our competency model has resonated with every client we’ve ever worked with. Not just because it digs into the vital details, but because we set up automatic reporting on our findings. So there’s no extra work for you – just a whole lot of reward.

We see this as a launchpad for good managers becoming exceptional managers. It boosts skills from every angle, and lets you focus on the people, not the admin.

Download an example report
Knowledge vs action

Knowledge vs action

Change behaviour
and build confidence

Standard online learning gives your people knowledge, but this alone isn’t enough to change behaviour. That’s why we value skills over just information. Our courses motivate your people to perform better, from a place of understanding and determination.

Learning is multi-faceted, and worth the investment. So give your managers the vigour they need to keep growing.

Take a sneak peek at our courses

Like any good soap opera, we grab your managers with a great storyline. The kind they’ll recognise, and be invested in. This is the driving force behind our courses – and it works. Watch our course trailers to see the stories in action.

Managing People Preparation course icon

Episode 1. Preparation

See the Preparation online course
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Managing People Wellbeing course icon

Episode 2. Wellbeing

See the Wellbeing online course
Wellbeing scene video thumbnail
Managing People Recruitment course icon

Episode 3: Recruitment

See the Recruitment online course
Recruitment scene video thumbnail
Managing People Induction course icon

Episode 4: Induction

See the Induction online course
Induction scene video thumbnail
Managing People Coaching & Performance Management course icon

Episode 5: Coaching & Performance Management

See the Coaching & Performance Management online course
Coaching & Performance Management scene video thumbnail
Managing People appraisals course icon

Episode 6: Appraisals

See the Appraisals online course
Appraisals scene video thumbnail
Managing People Managing Talent course icon

Episode 7: Managing Talent

See the Managing Talent online course
Managing Talent scene video thumbnail

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