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With chapters on (to name a few):

Aligning people and strategy

Many failed business strategies fail not because they are flawed, but because they are poorly communicated. Find out how to make sure your managers are communicating your strategy well, and living and breathing it throughout your business.

Mapping competencies

Can your managers play the role you need them to play? Not when you hired or last upskilled them, but now? If not, learn how to help them develop and adapt. It starts with identifying the competencies and behaviours they need to work on in order to shine.

Turbo-charging your people’s learning

Change is more difficult to implement without support. Understand exactly what coaching/mentoring is, how it works, and what you want from it. Team this with a strong working environment, and you’ll have enthused managers who are motivated to learn and improve.

Meet Pete Fullard, the author

Pete is the CEO of Upskill People, a company he founded in 1995 to help people get the most out of their careers – and businesses get the most out of their teams.

He’s witnessed real change in the industry over his career, and is determined to make sure businesses use learning and development (L&D) to its fullest potential. How? By measuring outcomes, analysing results, and building plans we can action.

In this people management book, he shows you how.

People management book from Pete Fullard, CEO of Upskill People

Game-changing benefits. 10 valuable lessons this people management book will teach you

  1. Defining your business purpose matters. Find out why you should create a simple outline of what you need to achieve, and how you plan to do it.

  2. Target learning to the areas that matter most. Find out how to link your management development plan to your business objectives. And why this matters.

  3. First, know how to separate management roles into specific competencies that you can map progress against. Then tap into the power of truly focused measurement. The book breaks it down.

  4. Clear communication is everything. Learn how to market your L&D programme internally, and prepare for a positive reaction from your managers. The goal is to get them excited about their career development – find out how.

  5. Blended learning is powerful, so use it to your advantage. You’ll finish this book with a clear understanding of how an ‘ecosystem’ of learning delivers better results than a single delivery method.

  1. Different people learn in different ways. You’ll gain more than you thought possible from tailoring the learning to the learner – and requesting feedback. You’ll discover plenty about personalised learning from Pete’s advice.

  2. When you know how to tune into the needs of the board, you’ll create an effective, encouraging learning culture. If you’ve been struggling with this, Pete has the answers.

  3. Once you know how to gather meaningful data, you can bolster your strategy. Trust us, the more insight you have on your people’s competencies, the clearer sense of direction you’ll have.

  4. Inject some life into your L&D programme! Find out how to set up realistic, challenging scenarios that make people think. It’s simple but effective – big time.

  5. One more on the board. If you want to become a pro at speaking their language, the key is to make your L&D strategy flexible, strategic, and fit for measurement. This book explains how.

Not sure if the book’s for you? Find out what other readers took from it.

Better managers do equal better business

I’ve given this book a well-deserved 5 stars. It’s an inspiration to me and my management team (I bought them all a copy). Pete Fullard clearly knows people and how they differ from each other. The book covers all aspects of managing people, and I’m certain you’ll find yourself thinking, “That’s just how it is here”, or “I had a manager that never did that”. Remember, people leave managers – not the company.

P.S. the Audible book is good too. Pete Fullard reads it himself and he is easy to listen to. I play it in the car on my way to work.

Not just about best-practice training, but about creating the right learning environment

Working in retail, I am always looking for collaborators and best-practice partners. Increasingly, the need for best-practice retail training is at the heart of problems, and the key to the solutions.

I came across Pete Fullard and took a punt on buying his book. I’m so pleased I did.

The book is concise and to the point, but what is so impressive is that – before it describes the details of best-practice training – it explains why it is so important to have a clearly defined business purpose and strategy. It sounds obvious, but I’ve come across so much training that is good in some ways, but often irrelevant and largely ineffective as it still points people in different directions.

The book systematically sets out the importance of aligning people to a cohesive business strategy, the importance of finding the correct people with the correct competencies, and identifying what you need to get from each person – as well as how to achieve this through training. It then looks in great clarity at how to get the best from the training itself, from matching training techniques to individuals and blending different methods and channels to the details of the content itself, and crucially, measurement.

I can only imagine that Pete’s training is as precise, focused, and effective as this book. For an excellent overview and insight in how to train your managers, look no further.

Easy to read – a must for anyone studying business

Such an easy-to-read but detailed book! I found it very useful during my assessment. I’d recommend this for anyone studying business.

A great tool for supporting managers – and a solid source of expertise for my dissertation

 I really enjoyed Pete’s writing style, so it was a developmental book that I actually wanted to finish reading. The guidance was to the point, and the brevity of the content meant it was easy to read in one go.

It’s apparent that the advice has been written by someone who is very passionate about creating a supportive and cohesive work culture for every part of the team through the skilling up of managers in any business.

The content was so good that I have used and referenced it in my Masters dissertation (the research project focussed on employer investment in training, learning and development, and its impact on employee retention, confidence, and motivation – so it dovetailed perfectly).

Highly recommend.

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Top tip: all of the resources below are mentioned in the book – so you’ll get more from them if you read it first. If you haven’t read the book yet, don’t worry, they’ll still come in handy.

Expect the latest industry insights, as well as L&D tips and extras you can put to use right away.

People management book from Pete Fullard, CEO of Upskill People - dowlnoads competency
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Example of a post-course analysis report

Here’s what to expect from an Upskill People analysis report. With results on competencies, skills, and the impact of coaching.

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Remarkable results for The Works

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