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Recruitment Training For Managers | Upskill People

Consider recruitment from every angle

In this episode, we look at everything involved in the recruitment training for managers journey – from the impact of being understaffed to finding the right person to fill any new roles. As well as new hires, we look at internal promotions and how to go about them. And we focus on how to recruit fairly, with a clear sense of how to get the most from your updated team.

Episode 3: The story

Charlotte’s noticed the team are understaffed. So much so that she’s had to help with tasks that don’t fit under job description. She decides a new hire is needed, and narrows it down to two candidates. Your first task is to help her choose the best fit for the role. At the same time, she needs to find a new Team Leader. Her boss insists she finds someone with management experience, but team member Oscar has the right skills for the job. In fact, he previously applied for the role and was unsuccessful. If he isn’t even considered this time, he may have some serious questions.

Key takeaways from this recruitment training episode

  • How to hire the best people for the job, and do right by the team

  • The importance of staying objective when making recruitment decisions

  • Ability to offer constructive feedback when needed

Love a challenge?

The learner makes many important decisions on Charlotte’s behalf during the course.
Why not give just one of them a try?

Managing People Course | L&D Courses | Upskill People - The Rise and Dine team

Skills served up fresh at the Rise and Dine

Welcome to Rise and Dine – a fictional cafe with a whole lot of real-world challenges. In each course, you’ll make decisions for their new manager, Charlotte. She needs to turn the team around and restore the cafe to its former glory.

While our story takes place in a cafe, the situations Charlotte faces will be familiar to any manager, in any sector. We guarantee your managers will relate all-too-well to her plights – and be invested in helping her succeed.

Recruitment Training For Managers | Upskill People - schematic

What to expect from the whole elearning approach

It starts with a Quick Skills Check to show your managers’ skills now. Then a blend of online learning and remote coaching/facilitated sessions. Next, Mastery Checks show what behaviour change has started to happen. It’s all brought together with a final ‘Where next?’ coaching session, to review and launch their further development. The final evaluation comes from assessing the impact of the coaching, combined with feedback from the courses. Pick what works for you.

Management Courses Online from Upskill People - 7 Managing People Icons

Competencies and behaviours

Throughout the course, we measure how your people perform against seven competencies, and 69 behaviours. We swap the usual long-winded text, slides and videos for challenges straight out of your reality.

  • Communication

  • Team working

  • Adapting to change

  • Relationships

  • Planning and organising

  • Ability to analyse

  • Delivering results

Motivating managers to change behaviour

As well as videos, we use animations and downloadable course packs to make sure every lesson we deliver makes an impact with every kind of learner. Your managers will think, solve, and conquer. And complete the course with the ability to face the trickiest of situations.

Management Courses Online from Upskill People- Continual Professional Development points included

Completing this elearning course gains a recognised Continual Professional Development (CPD) point.
Taking the accompanying Mastery Check gives valuable feedback, and the all-important measurement data, and earns your manager an additional 0.5 CPD points.

Management Courses Online from Upskill People - Ready to upskill your managers?

Interested? Let’s talk

The previous episode is all about wellbeing training for managers . Removing the stigma around mental health issues in the workplace and learning how to confidently approach and help team members who may need support. The next Managing People course episode is all about induction and how doing it right is vital to performance.

If you’re ready to level-up your people’s skills for managing a team, with effective online learning courses, we’re ready to chat.