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Preparation course

Tune into your team with better communication

This episode helps you understand the power of good communication. By properly connecting with your team, you can quickly spot challenges, and get a strong sense of which areas need improvement. From there, you can create a plan for positive change.

Episode 1: The story

Charlotte’s new to her role, and her first order of business is to get acquainted with her team. She also needs to find out why performance dipped under the previous manager. So, she sets up some 1-2-1 chats with each team member. It soon becomes clear that there’s a lot of work to be done, with some employees falling behind the required standards, and plenty of unresolved issues at play. The right approach will make all the difference – what’s the best way for her to get the team on-side and back on track?

Key takeaways from this episode

  • Better communication skills

  • Ability to build trust

  • Confidence in your management style

Love a challenge?

The learner makes many important decisions on Charlotte’s behalf during the course.
Why not give just one of them a try?

The Rise and Dine team

Skills served up fresh at the Rise and Dine

Welcome to Rise and Dine – a fictional cafe with a whole lot of real-world challenges. In each course, you’ll make decisions for their new manager, Charlotte. She needs to turn the team around and restore the cafe to its former glory.

While our story takes place in a cafe, the situations Charlotte faces will be familiar to any manager, in any sector. We guarantee your managers will relate all-too-well to her plights – and be invested in helping her succeed.

Managing People approach, schematic diagram, Preparation

What to expect from the whole approach

It starts with a Quick Skills Check to show your managers’ skills now. Then a blend of online learning and remote coaching/facilitated sessions. Next, Mastery Checks show what behaviour change has started to happen. It’s all brought together with a final ‘Where next?’ coaching session, to review and launch their further development. The final evaluation comes from assessing the impact of the coaching, combined with feedback from the courses. Pick what works for you.

7 Managing People Icons

Competencies and behaviours

Throughout the course, we measure how your people perform against seven competencies, and 69 behaviours. We swap the usual long-winded text, slides and videos for challenges straight out of your reality.

  • Communication

  • Team working

  • Adapting to change

  • Relationships

  • Planning and organising

  • Ability to analyse

  • Delivering results

Motivating managers to change behaviour

As well as videos, we use animations and downloadable course packs to make sure every lesson we deliver makes an impact with every kind of learner. Your managers will think, solve, and conquer. And complete the course with the ability to face the trickiest of situations.

Continual Professional Development points included

Completing this course gains a recognised Continual Professional Development (CPD) point.
Taking the accompanying Mastery Check gives valuable feedback, and the all-important measurement data, and earns your manager an additional 0.5 CPD points.

Ready to upskill your managers?

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