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Develop people who love to learn. And results you want to share.

Learning and development is a game-changer – but only when it’s done right. We give your people the skills they need to get to the next level. And highlight the results the management team needs to make more impactful decisions. We carry this out in a way we’ve been told makes us great to work with. And shows our clients that their learning and training development efforts are making a difference.

Work with us to upskill your people. And redefine what success looks like.

Amplify your talent

Amplify your talent

Grow first-class people managers

A bad manager is expensive. A good manager is priceless. So we look at people, not process. We do this by measuring a range of competencies, and focusing on real-life situations that strike a chord with your teams. Your people pick up skills straight away, and complete each course with a new lease of leadership. And you can monitor exactly how they’re progressing.

How to upskill your managers

Improve your teams wellbeing

Improve wellbeing

Be somewhere people want to work

Wellbeing isn’t just an item on a checklist – it’s a big-time value-driver. Because when you look after talented people, they bring their best selves to work every day. They face challenges with resilience, and make you more effective as an organisation. Invest as much time and energy in wellbeing as you do in your sales strategy or safety regulations, and you’ll upskill your entire workforce. And create a stellar company culture in the process.

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Boost your workforce

Boost your workforce

The best L&D attracts the best people

When talented people join, you need to make sure they stay. Give your managers the skills to recruit, motivate and hang onto new team members. Use the system to deliver and track entire inductions on or offline, make sure everyone knows what’s expected of them, and track your new start’s progress from the day you make them an offer.

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Let us do the number and get the facts

Let us do the numbers

Facts that
feed decisions

Work can be busy – so we give you the right facts for the right people. For the C-Suite, we answer the following: is our learning and training development working? What have we achieved? Are we delivering what we need to? Is the organisation doing its best to perform better? And for your managers: which areas still need work? What can we celebrate? Where can we offer more support? This means everyone at every level has the power to make better decisions about what to do with their time. Simple.

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Keep your risk in check

Keep risk in check

Compliance that goes beyond box-ticking

Imagine compliance training that’s interesting, relevant and focused. No fluff. No filler. But a clear path to better conduct, and a real handle on risk. That’s exactly what we deliver, and the results are liberating. Whatever your organisation needs to be compliant in, we’ll cover it – with concise sessions that tell your team members everything they need to know. We don’t tick boxes. We build practical knowledge, boost motivation, and influence immediate changes in behaviour.

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Tap into the power of L&D

Tap into the power of L&D

Why you should
work with us

At Upskill People, we make it our mission to reinforce the talent under your roof. We listen. We innovate. And most importantly, we commit to giving your people the skills they deserve. We run on honesty, integrity, and a love for trying things differently – so you can rely on us to deliver on our promises. Our hard work shows in the returns. The kind of returns you never thought possible.

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We’re still growing. And helping more people to grow too.

6 million courses delivered each year

6 million+

courses delivered each year

250,000 people upskilled each year


people upskilled each year

150,000 active learners at any time


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Platform is in 40 languages


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Over 85% learner satisfaction rating


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