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Your questions answered

  1. What is it? A series of seven highly interactive online courses, with before and after competence assessment.

  2. Who is it for? Designed for upskilling aspiring or new managers, and reskilling experienced ones. Transferable skills applicable to any sector, any culture.

  3. What makes it different? Managers are upskilled more rapidly at a lower cost. There is a true demonstration of outcomes and return on investment.

  4. How does it work? Individuals access the assessments and courses on any device at any time, progress and achievements are tracked.

  1. Does it replace what I’ve already got? Use it stand-alone, or blend with what you have such as coaching/group sessions, personalised for each manager.

  2. How does it compare? At around 60 minutes a course, they can be completed in bite-sized chunks and all seven together are the equivalent of a three-day classroom course.

  3. Good investment? Clients tells us they are saving up to 60% on what they used to spend, with better outcomes. £307.50 (ex-VAT) per manager for the 7-course series, including pre and post course assessments. With volume discounts, it could be considerably less.

Used by forward-thinking organisations

Need to upskill your managers?

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The courses

Bringing the drama to L&D

Our seven immersive courses are a master class in real-life, scenario-based learning.


  • Immersive, scenario-based learning – not just long-winded text, slides and videos.

  • Automatic measurement built in.

  • Courses that enhance anything you’ve already got in place.

The courses are set in the engaging and fictional world of the Rise and Dine company. Learners make decisions for Charlotte, a manager tasked with turning around an underperforming team of characters everyone will recognise!

Feedback along the way means they are always learning. The focus is on people not process, making sure managers get the skills to inspire and motivate their teams. They’ll get the confidence to turn those skills into behaviour change that sticks.

Take a sneak peek at our courses

Like any good soap opera, we grab your managers with a great storyline. The kind they’ll recognise, and be invested in. This is the driving force behind our courses – and it works. Watch our course trailers to see the stories in action.

Managing People Preparation course icon

Episode 1. Preparation

See the Preparation online course
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Managing People Wellbeing course icon

Episode 2. Wellbeing

See the Wellbeing online course
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Managing People Recruitment course icon

Episode 3. Recruitment

See the Recruitment online course
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Managing People Induction course icon

Episode 4. Induction

See the Induction online course
Induction scene video thumbnail
Managing People Coaching & Performance Management course icon

Episode 5. Coaching & Performance Management

See the Coaching & Performance Management online course
Coaching & Performance Management scene video thumbnail
Managing People appraisals course icon

Episode 6. Appraisals

See the Appraisals online course
Appraisals scene video thumbnail
Managing People Managing Talent course icon

Episode 7. Managing Talent

See the Managing Talent online course
Managing Talent scene video thumbnail
7 Managing People Icons
Measuring great managers

Checking every manager’s competency level

What does ‘good’ people management look like? We deal in seven competencies:

  • Communication

  • Team working

  • Adapting to change

  • Relationships

  • Planning and organising

  • Ability to analyse

  • Delivering results

Within these, there are 69 key behaviours. We assess your people’s skills for managing a team in the context of each competency and behaviour, and measure performance against them. It’s complex in nature, but simple in practice.

Ready to upskill your managers?

Ready to upskill your managers?