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Collage of movies and TV shows with bad bosses
How to deal with a bad boss

From 'Gru' in Despicable Me to Michael Scott in The Office, we look at a few examples of bad bosses, what their management styles are & how our Managing People courses could have helped them.

The secret recipe for planning your management development programme.
Plan your management development programme like a hero

Want to know the secret recipe for planning the best management development programme? Read on for the key things to consider, practical tips, email templates and a ready-made plan to download.

What is company culture illustration
What is company culture?

Company culture is a difficult thing to define, but really useful to know, here’s a straightforward approach to go beyond just ‘feeling’ it and how to then use that to make better decisions.

What is your management style
What is your management style?

Take a look at your management style and find out about all the other options, the characteristics of each, and how understanding them can make you a better manager.

People-orientated management style examples illustration
People-orientated management style examples

Understand the impact of shifting the focus off the manager to those being managed and see three people-orientated management style examples.

Process-driven management style examples illustration
Process-driven management style examples

Find out about styles concerned with the functional or systems-based aspects of work – or that are themselves very process-related.

Practical ideas on people strategy and measuring RoI and RoE
How to measure RoI

Discover how to measure RoI and RoE and maximise performance in people managing with video insights from Pete Fullard and Ken Denny.

wellbeing for your team
Improve wellbeing, improve business

We have a range of online courses to help you look after your team and we’ve written a guide on how to include online into your mix, and most importantly how to measure the outcomes.