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Clients tell us they worry about their managers not being able to recruit, motivate and retain the best people. The main reason is they don’t have all the skills they needed. There’s also a lot of frustration wondering if management development programmes are giving a good return on the investment.

So we started a research project a year or so ago to look at Millennials/Gen Z’s and modern management. Why not download our thought paper.

People tell us it has saved them the hassle of having to spend time wading through stuff to get the latest thinking. It summarises it all in one place for you along with some recommendations that we are proven to work.

I hope you find it useful. Please do let me know either way – I am always learning, and I’m genuinely interested in your thoughts, views and opinions, connect with me here – You can also join the conversation on LinkedIn.

Our Managing People series can help your managers make your business better, check it out.