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Practical ideas on people strategy and measuring RoI and RoE
How to measure RoI

Discover how to measure RoI and RoE and maximise performance in people managing with video insights from Pete Fullard and Ken Denny.

wellbeing for your team
Improve wellbeing, improve business

We have a range of online courses to help you look after your team and we’ve written a guide on how to include online into your mix, and most importantly how to measure the outcomes.

Elearning Course Resources by Upskill People the works simon patton
Why e-learning works for The Works

Discount retailer, The Works, sells over one million products every week from over 500 stores across the UK…

Elearning Course Resources by Upskill People measurement image
Measuring management development

We’ve been running some Managing People pilots and measured learning impacts using 360 reviews. But what do those who…

Elearning Course Resources by Upskill People radstock infographic 2
Shrink less, grow more

Reducing shrinkage in fresh produce at Radstock Co-operative Fresh produce sales are the fastest growing sales category, according to the…

Elearning Course Resources by Upskill People tuco video image
Talking e-learning with TUCO

TUCO is one of those organisations that just get e-learning. What it can do for them. How it benefits their member organisations…