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Henderson Retail Ltd’s annual Employee Survey is now completed using Upskill People’s online survey capabilities. It’s been a superb success with a new record set of a 97% completion rate.

Every year, a survey is distributed to capture employees’ views and opinions on Henderson’s business and how they operate. The previous paper-based survey had very high completion rates but it was an intensive administration exercise. Each of the 4,818 sheets had to be manually inputted, which was estimated to take 80 hours of dedicated time. In addition, the analysis of the findings and production of the report required an additional 262 hours. So while it was a highly valuable exercise, it was costly.


Switching to an online survey made sense and Upskill People already had the facilities and the information to gather employee responses. As well as reducingadministration, it was critical that the online survey was easy to use for employees. Upskill People survey ticked that box, alongside speed of data collection, analysis and protecting the anonymity of respondents.

  • “We decided to use Upskill People's survey capabilities for our employee survey this year. They already have all of the information of our employees with the ability for the survey responses to be gathered anonymously. Equally, their reporting facilities are superb and let us easily analyse responses so we can put action plans in place."

  • "This first survey has been a real success. We beat our previous completion rate and it was much easier to analyse the findings so we can report back through our “You said… We listened” posters. These let our employees know that we value their opinions and act on them"

    Ann McKillop, HR Advisor at Henderson Group