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Backstory: The mental health and wellbeing of her team is important to Rise and Dine manager Charlotte. Rosie, a team member, is giving Charlotte cause for concern. Her time keeping, manner and appearance need to be addressed. This is something that will need careful, empathetic handling.

The key skills this episode focuses on are: watch and engage (part of WELL – watch, engage, listen, learn – skills learnt throughout the course).

Watch the scene below from Managing People – Wellbeing then decide what you would do next about Rosie’s behaviour.

Answer 1

Bring the whole team together to talk about the importance of mental wellbeing in the workplace and say that anyone can talk to you if they are facing difficulties.

Answer 2

Make an informal approach when Rosie is on her own, during a break. Simply ask her how she’s doing without making it into a big deal.

Answer 3

Diarise a one-to-one with Rosie to talk about her timekeeping.

What would you do next? Scroll down to see what we think.

Answer 2!

This is a good way to assess whether a more formal conversation might be needed. Sometimes an informal approach, a simple “how are you?” delivered in the right tone, is enough to show that you care, and are willing to listen. However, if Rosie avoids conversation, Charlotte may have to arrange for a private conversation (WATCH & ENGAGE).



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