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Life isn’t just an end of day quiz

Being a manager means making decisions all the time. That’s what it takes to be a successful manager with a motivated and productive team. The Managing People elearning course series is like real-life. Each course is based on an episode in a soap opera. The learner plays the manager, leading a virtual team. Along the way their knowledge is topped up with what they need to know. They make a whole series of choices on the best thing to do and when in various scenarios. That’s what they’re measured on, just like real-life.

Have a go at just one of the decisions in this course

Here’s just one of the scenes from the wellbeing training for managers course, to give you an idea of what’s in store for our virtual manager. Before you make your choice, have a look over the backstory to this situation:

The mental health and wellbeing of her team is important to Rise and Dine manager Charlotte. Rosie, a team member, is giving Charlotte cause for concern. Her time keeping, manner and appearance need to be addressed. This is something that will need careful, empathetic handling.

This Managing People episode focuses on these key skills:
watch and engage (part of WELL – watch, engage, listen, learn – skills learnt throughout the course)

Watch the scene below then decide what you’d do.

Considering the wellbeing training for managers skills you’ve learnt, how should Charlotte approach Rosie?

Answer 1

Make an informal approach when Rosie is on her own, during a break. Simply ask her how she’s doing without making it into a big deal.

Answer 2

Diarise a one-to-one with Rosie to talk about her timekeeping.

Answer 3

Bring the whole team together to talk about the importance of mental wellbeing in the workplace and say that anyone can talk to you if they are facing difficulties.

What would you do next?

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Answer 1!

We think this is the best answer. This is a good way to assess whether a more formal conversation might be needed. Sometimes an informal approach, a simple “how are you?” delivered in the right tone, is enough to show that you care, and are willing to listen. However, if Rosie avoids conversation, Charlotte may have to arrange for a private conversation (WATCH) (ENGAGE).

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Ready to upskill your people?

That’s just one of the many decisions from the wellbeing training for managers course. The stories develop and become more challenging, just like the real-world situations your managers experience.

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