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From safety, health & wellbeing

It’s about more than box ticking

We help change behaviour to keep you and yours safe from risk. Free your managers’ time to develop their teams.

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To sales and service

More sales. Repeat business. Improved reputation

Practice makes perfect. Our interactive, scenario-based approach means your people improve their ability to think for themselves.


From induction

Engage with your future stars

From the moment you make the job offer, we help get your new talent ready to go. We’ll get them believing in your brand, full of knowledge and up-to-date with what to expect and what’s expected.

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To management skills

Invest in your leaders

Inspire, develop and retain your best talent. Upskill and motivate your managers with great approaches to make a real difference. To them. To their team.

  • Choose off the shelf
    Choose off the shelf

    Start straight away. Over 200 courses proven to work around you. Any way you want them.

    Created with award-winning scriptwriters, industry experts and clients just like you. We keep everything up-to-date so you don't have to. From best practice to the latest legislation. All adjusting to the device being used, from big screen to pocket sized for the best experience.

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  • Choose tailored
    Choose tailored

    One size doesn’t fit all. Your learning needs to reflect you. That’s exactly why all our courses are easy to tailor.

    Add your brand. Change the text, images and videos. Tweak the scenarios. Link in your policies and procedures. We make it just right for you. We've already used our expertise and gathered the best ideas to make the courses great start points. Now add your flavours to the 'vanilla' version.

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  • Choose to build your own
    Choose to build your own

    Our Easy Course Builder means you get to create fully responsive courses with added benefits. To achieve your perfect blend.

    Keep it simple. Just put a quick course together. Or get creative and deliver your own videos, animations and graphics to any device. Fully responsive. Why not include an interactive quiz? Or add a post course survey to get feedback and capture all those little light bulb moments that can make a difference to your business. Use it to generate pre and post face-to-face session materials to assess and track all of your learning in one place. You don’t need to be a tech-wizard to use it. It’s in the name. It's easy.

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  • Choose to let us help
    Choose to let us help

    We create. You maintain. It’s all about what works for you.

    Know what you want to get across but don't quite have the skills and expertise to make it as good as it needs to be? We do this stuff every day so let us help. Use our experience and skills to design and build a course for you. You can keep the course current using our Easy Course Builder tool. It means lower costs. More flexibility. Your team will learn a little of what we do each time we work together.

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  • Choose to bring your own
    Choose to bring your own

    Deploy courses provided by a 3rd party or ones created in another tool.

    If it's built to industry compliant (SCORM) standards, then all your other content can be uploaded and tracked on our platform. You decide who sees what courses by configuring the platform just how you want it. Your managers get all the information in one place for all their teams’ learning.

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  • Choose bespoke
    Choose bespoke

    What about if you want something special. Something highly interactive to support your business strategic initiatives? Trust us to design something powerful.

    Put our script writers and experienced production team to work for you. Deliver something that will really make a difference. You can trust in our many years’ experience in hospitality and retail. In our professional project management. To get it just right. On target. On time. On budget. A safe pair of hands. To produce something brilliant.

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One Platform. For Everything. Your Way.

One space to make learning easy. One place to make learning work for you.

Just right for your business, easy to set up. Begin by importing all your historic learning records. Regularly pull in your team data so everyone’s present and correct. Get learning.

Use the platform to record data from all your learning and development activity. We’ll help you keep track and let your people know when their learning needs to be refreshed. Everything in one place. That’s learning made simple.

Access everywhere. Any way.

Your team need to access their learning on any device, anywhere. Your managers need to see what’s going on so they can make informed decisions. Our learning platform and courses are fully responsive. That means they adjust to each device, no matter which way it’s being held. So you get an experience that really delivers. From big screen to pocket sized.

Choose to make it work for you.

  • Track and assess all learning
    Track and assess all learning

    Deliver all your online courses and use our platform to track and report all your learning.

    Record face to face sessions, coaching,
    anything. Import data from other sources.
    All your data in one place.

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  • Motivation, reward & recognition
    Motivation, reward & recognition

    Certificates. That fist in the air moment: Everyone loves them, it's a sign of achievement. At Upskill People, every learner gets a certificate. They’re all set up and ready to go. Your people get to see what they've achieved, presented with the organisations that endorse the quality of our courses. The design and how they look is totally up to you.

    Keeping motivated is no game: We get what gamification is about. What we do, is use the best ideas where we’re confident it’ll really work for our audience. Gamification isn’t just about having fun. It’s about making sure your people are challenged and motivated. That’s motivation through challenging interactions with achievement levels, performance analysis, trophies and league tables. Encouraging people to achieve more, just like they need to do for your customers.

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  • Configured and branded
    Configured and branded

    Configuration: That’s all the tools you need to make it yours and keep it set up just the right way. When we update, you get it straightaway. Always the latest technology and features. With all the benefits.

    Branding: We know how important branding is. Your e-learning platform and courses are one of the first times your people experience what it’s like to work for you. That’s why you'll get your platform and courses just how you want them. Your logo, your brand, your style.

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  • Views into your data
    Views into your data

    View information just as you want it: Our clients tell us they don't want lots of different reports. So we have a view of information showing all the key stuff in just the right way. There's a wide range of sorts and filters so you can change your view to see what's going on. So you know where you need to offer support, give a gentle nudge or celebrate success.

    Achieving compliance: e-Learning is brilliant for compliance courses. Our courses are concise, engaging and hundreds of thousands of learners tell us they work. Using our platform your managers will know exactly who has done what and who hasn’t. So they can take action to keep your business, your team and your customers safe.

    Information for your team managers: Your team managers are only two taps away from our Single Screen Viewer – a digital wall chart of your people and how they’re doing. One more tap and they get a full audit for any team member.

    Information for your senior managers: Analytical Reporting gives a clear dashboard view of each manager's team, from the CEO to area and regional managers. Sorted, filtered. Any way they want.

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  • Analysis & surveys
    Analysis & surveys

    Quiz question analysis: All our quizzes can be analysed right down to question level. See which questions your people struggle with and the choices they made. So you can go back and improve your content. It’s powerful stuff that means you get your learning just right.

    Bespoke analysis: Data is powerful. We take the time to understand what you’re specifically trying to achieve as part of an ongoing target or strategic initiative. We dig deep into the extensive data we gather. We correlate this with your business performance data. So we can see what is working and what, if anything, can be improved. You can use your data to stay focussed on the key things that will help your people shine.

    Know your learners are raving fans: On completing courses, learners are automatically prompted with a simple yet revealing post course survey. Beyond putting 'Happy sheets' online (but you get that as standard), the survey asks for ideas on improving the specific course and also the area of the business. You'll know what your people think and ideas they have on making your business shine. Of course all of this can be tailored to ask what you want to know.

    Employee surveys: Our survey technology can deliver online, anonymous surveys with very high response levels and real time reporting. We’ve done Employee Engagement Surveys and we’ve also helped customers with sensitive subjects like investigating Bullying at Work. Whatever you need to get feedback on, we can help.

    Training needs analysis: Use assessments and refresher courses to find out what people know and where they can be improved before investing in learning. Then you can focus on the stuff that will make a real difference. See how your people are responding at question level. Drill down to a finer level of detail. And make sure you get it absolutely right to get the best return on your investments.

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  • From SME to multi-national. From English to multi-language
    From SME to multi-national. From English to multi-language

    Our platform can deliver for every business, from start-ups to multinational. Delivering courses specific to each country and language. Scaling with you to cope with the most widespread deployment.

    Multi-lingual: We’ve already deployed our platform and courses in around 25 countries and languages. If you need specific courses localised and translated, we can deliver.

    Plain English as standard: People employed in retail and hospitality are from a real mix of cultures, backgrounds and levels of learning. We know our audience, your team. That’s why we use plain English on our platform and in our courses. We’ve figured out some great ways to help people, who don't have English as a first language, to understand and learn.

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  • Making learning easy to administer
    Making learning easy to administer

    Course refresh: It's good to refresh knowledge, to make sure it sticks. You’ll get to choose a range of options. For instance, if there’s a new change to a course, set everyone to go through it again. If an individual needs to recap on a specific topic, then a manager can set a single refresh. Or the most powerful, when you want your learners to take courses again after a specific time period, you can set that to happen automatically.

    Email alerts: That little nudge to get things done. If an alert needs to be sent to your area managers, or a personal email to individuals, this can be created through the platform.

    Help & support: We’ve made our system really simple to use. We think if you need instructions on how to use our platform and courses we've got it wrong. While our platform is simple, it's also very powerful. So to get the most out of it there’s a Help Hand icon leading you to documents and videos to walk you through key elements of your platform. We also run hospitality and retail Webinars to help your team be as effective as possible - helping them shine. Anything else you need, just get in touch with us. We are here to help.

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  • Integrates with your other systems
    Integrates with your other systems

    We're passionate about developing people's skills. Yet we know data is critical to making the right decisions. We integrate with systems such as payroll and HR so you have data you can rely on.

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Choose to run a branded learning portal for your members

We power a number of full learning portals with content for a number of associations and organisations who trust us to be their partner.

The Upskill People Platform works with multiple applications

Our platform exchanges data with a lot of different applications. Giving our users an efficient and seamless experience.