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The launch of our new safety, health & wellbeing series brought with it a new approach that’s really changing the way companies look after their teams.

We are very proud of it, as you would expect, but don’t take our word for it check out what people thought at the launch.


It’s much more than a tick-box exercise and the new courses have been completely redesigned to include some of the most innovative online learning content we’ve ever produced.


Would you invest? Or would you be out?

Before the pitch, it didn’t go well for Tommy

To make sure no one ends up like Tommy you’d better take a look at the new courses:

Safety, Health and Wellbeing
Safety, Health and Wellbeing Plus
Fire Safety Essentials
Food Hygiene
Alcohol Sales
Age Restricted Sales
Disclaimer: Upskill People cannot be held responsible for any lyrics or music that gets stuck in your head.

Did you know we also have management level courses as well? Go and take a look:

Managing Health and Safety
Managing Food Hygiene