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Backstory: Rise & Dine manager Charlotte and team leader Anna are comparing notes on two candidates they have just interviewed. They are disagreeing on who they should offer the job to…

The key skill this episode focuses on is selection.

Watch the scene below from Managing People – Recruitment then decide what you think Charlotte should do next to ensure the right candidate is selected.

Answer 1

She and Anna should review both Andy and Leona’s application forms and talk through their scoring for each interview question.

Answer 2

Charlotte needs to lead here and trust her instinct. She is the Manager, and so her assessment over-rules Anna’s.

Answer 3

Anna and Charlotte disagree on their assessment of Leona, but more or less agree on their assessment of Andy. So, Andy should get the job.

What should happen next? Scroll down to see what we think.

Answer 1!

We think this is the only right decision (SELECTION). The conversation between Anna and Charlotte about the candidates suggests that some bias may have crept into the decision-making process. When there’s a strong difference in scoring between members of the interview panel, it’s best to take a step back and try to look only at the evidence in order to make a decision that will stand up to scrutiny if questioned.



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