Recovering Sales and Profitability After Covid Lockdowns


In association with the Sri Lanka Retailers’ Association and Retail NZ, we hosted two insightful retail webinars delivered by founder and Managing Director of Martec International, Brian Hume.

Brian delivered them to Sri Lanka and New Zealand, you can watch both parts here. There’s an interesting Q&A session at the end and there are also live poll results. We’ve also included the Q&A session from the Sri Lanka webinar.

The webinars are based on a white paper put together by Brian, full of lot’s of research and practical advice, you can download this below.

Webinar 1, Inventory, Supply Chain and Cash


Webinar 2, Store Operations, Marketing and the Non-Inventory Aspects of Customer Service


Sri Lanka webinar, Q&A session

Download the white paper “Recovering Sales and Profitability Now Stores Are Re-Opening”