Updated e-learning: Get PCI data security compliant

Credit card fraud and identity theft are on the rise. Your customers need to know that their cardholder data is in safe hands – and your team need to know what this means. You also need to be compliant with new rules about the collection, storage and use of personal data that will come with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018.

Payment Card Industry Essentials

Our Payment Card Industry (PCI) Essentials course has been updated. Key learning points are emphasised in a memorable piece to camera that embeds learning. We’ve also made the course extremely flexible. Using our Easy Course Builder you can add your own branding, policies and procedures to make it your own. It shows what can be achieved with innovative course design and the Upskill People Easy Course Builder tool.

PCI non-compliance is costly in many ways – it could damage your reputation and your business. This course gives your team the knowledge they need to embed cardholder data security into everyday procedures. To protect you, your business and your customers.

All our generic course updates are completely free for clients. Get in touch if you want to refresh your team or make this course a new addition to your learning roadmap.