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Life isn’t just an end of day quiz

Being a manager means making decisions all the time. That’s what it takes to be a successful manager with a motivated and productive team. The Managing People online learning course series is like real-life. Each elearning course is based on an episode in a soap opera. The learner plays the manager, leading a virtual team. Along the way their knowledge is topped up with what they need to know. They make a whole series of choices on the best thing to do and when in various scenarios. That’s what they’re measured on, just like real-life.

Have a go at just one of the decisions in this Induction course

Here’s just one of the scenes from the induction course for new employees, to give you an idea of what’s in store for our virtual manager. Before you make your choice, have a look over the backstory to this situation:

Charlotte, our Rise and Dine manager and area manager, Tony have some concerns about a new recruit, Gemma. Charlotte is meeting up with Gemma to find out how she feels her induction has been going.

The episode focuses on these key skills:
plan, motivate and review

Watch the scene below then decide how you’d respond.

How should Charlotte respond to Gemma in this meeting?

Answer 1

Let me check my understanding, you feel like you’ve not been properly trained – but you don’t want a planned induction because it will feel like a step back. And you feel stupid for having career goals. Is that correct?

Answer 2

Let’s get you trained up to do the job in hand, only then can we talk about development and future career goals. I want you to prove to me you are committed and capable. Would you be willing to commit to something like that?

Answer 3

It doesn’t sound stupid. Everyone starts somewhere. How about we discuss your longer-term goals a bit more. Then we can tailor the induction with clear objectives which reflect your ambitions. Would you be willing to commit to something like that?

What would you say next?

Scroll down to see what we think…

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Answer 3!

We think this is the best answer. It shows Charlotte is willing to adapt the induction course for new employees to meet Gemma’s needs (PLAN) (REVIEW) and her ambitions (MOTIVATE). It’s also fair, at this point, to secure Gemma’s commitment. Charlotte is going the extra mile. Gemma must take some responsibility for her own progress.

Ready to upskill your people - Upskill People online elearning courses

Ready to upskill your people?

That’s just one of the many decisions from the Induction course. The stories develop and become more challenging, just like the real-world situations your managers experience.

Put practical skills in your teams’ hands. Starting now.