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What to expect from our people management hub

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Advice you can action

There’s a plan behind every piece of advice we give. We don’t just tell you the facts. We inspire you to go off and do something with them.

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Relevant insights

We keep our finger on the pulse. If there’s a people managing insight we think is worth sharing, you’ll find it here.

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Books. Podcasts (ours included). Gurus. We collate the most thought-provoking articles and words from the most compelling industry professionals, and share them here. (Start with our book, Better Managers = Better Business .)

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Your expert sidekick

Learn more about people managing and check out exclusive Upskill People resources and downloads you won’t find anywhere else. Get stuck in, safe in the knowledge that this hub was created by people who really know their stuff – that would be us.

People Managing Hub books

Practical tips and thoughts on people management

Why we created this hub
The Upskill People team has built up years of experience, and a wide network of people management experts. We’ve researched, designed, and measured our way to creating a Managing People proposition that goes way beyond our – frankly speaking – brilliant courses.

What’s in it for you
The power to learn. Think bigger. And become, or inspire others to become, a stellar people manager.

Game-changing expertise – here’s a taste of what the hub has to offer

You are...

A business owner, director or senior manager

You need...

The best managers possible

You should...

Start by getting to grips with how your managers’ should be behaving. It’s all in this free download.

What you’ll do differently...

Upskill your managers in the areas that matter, measure the outcomes and impact your business in a big way.

You are...

A HR or L&D pro

You need...

L&D buy-in from the board

You should...

Grab a copy of Better Managers = Better Business. Chapter 6 is particularly handy for speaking the board’s language. You can also get the book as audio.

What you'll do differently...

Have a plan of action. This book will arm you with everything you need to build an internal business case you can take to the board with confidence.

You are...

A people manager (or aspiring to be one)

You need...

To level-up your skills

You should...

Listen to the Managing People Podcast. Each has a wide range of insights and some great suggestions on what to explore further.

What you'll do differently...

Attract, motivate, and retain the best people. Be ready for any challenge/opportunity, and get excited about your career potential.

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The Managing People Podcast

How would you define your career? Do you ever wonder what more there is to learn, or how other people have reached success?

Sometimes, a real-life story is all you need for a little inspiration. Insightful, detailed, and often surprising, these podcast episodes deliver just that. Listen to the challenges Pete’s guests have faced – from the disastrous to the life-changing. And be ready to jot down a wealth of resources: websites, other podcasts, articles, and books by people management gurus to really get you thinking.

Trust us: you’ll learn plenty about the difference good people management can make. And the pitfalls of not giving it enough attention.

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Better Managers = Better Business

Want to upskill your managers and measure progress? Don’t want to invest too much time, money and resource? Pete’s got your back – with practical tips and expert insights for everyone from business owners to L&D pros.

Uncover the secrets behind our Managing People offer, and how we deployed it to work and deliver that much-coveted ROI. Then use these findings to transform your own approach.

It’s time to kick off your upskilling journey. The best place to start? Our courses