Wellbeing for your team with Mind

Working with MIND we created a range of courses that are proven to deliver a real measurable impact on managers and their teams as well as business performance.

There’s six 10 minute courses for all your people and a highly effective one for your managers.








  • According to the government-backed report Thriving at Work, mental health costs employers between £32bn and £43bn a year.
  • It’s not somebody else’s problem – the report suggests 15% of us experience symptoms of mental health issues at work.
  • 84% of managers feel that employee wellbeing is their responsibility…but only 24% have been upskilled in recognising and supporting team members with mental health issues.

There’s mounting evidence to show that your team’s wellbeing has a real impact on their performance at work, listen to more on this in our webinar.

You can find out about the whole Managing People series on our microsite.