Updated e-learning: Display Screen Equipment

Experience shows us that enforcement around the use of Display Screen Equipment (DSE) is tightening up. Rightly so – a poorly equipped and arranged workstation can cause a lot of avoidable pain, discomfort and stress.

Display Screen Equipment

At Upskill People, we know that in retail and hospitality you need to keep right up to date to stay successful – and compliant. We’ve made some important updates to our DSE course to reflect the changes we have seen. As more teams use portable devices at and for work, such as laptops, tablets and touch screens, the definition of DSE has expanded. The course now incorporates more on portable equipment and how to work safely by conducting a good DSE assessment.

As the use of devices has changed, so has the way employees like to learn. In the updated DSE course, key learning points are emphasised in a memorable piece to camera that embeds learning. We’ve also made the course extremely flexible. Using our Easy Course Builder you can add your own branding, policies and procedures to make it your own. It shows what can be achieved with innovative course design and the Upskill People Easy Course Builder tool.

All our generic course updates are completely free for clients. Get in touch if you want to refresh your team or make this course a new addition to your learning roadmap.