Shrink less, grow more

Reducing shrinkage in fresh produce at Radstock Co-operative

Fresh produce sales are the fastest growing sales category, according to the Association of Convenience Stores. But while sales might flourish, if fresh produce is not properly looked after from the moment it arrives in-store, profits will shrink.

Upskill-People-Infographics-1-538x1024Upskill People has worked in partnership with Radstock Co-operative, an independent retailer who operates a number of community stores and a superstore in and around Somerset. Increasing fresh produce sales was the focus of the business, with marketing drives and promotions to stimulate sales.

To support in-store promotions, Upskill People set up a pilot programme that measured the performance of stores trained using our new course Fresh Produce – Need to Know against the performance of similar stores.

Measuring shrinkage was one of the key statistics. The pilot demonstrated that there was a 16% reduction in shrinkage in the trained stores.

Alan Jackson, Head of Retail Operations at Radstock Co-op, says, “Quality fresh produce is a key focus for us to drive sales. We are well aware that if you don’t look after fresh produce from delivery to till, profitable sales and customer satisfaction will be impacted. This pilot with Upskill People has demonstrated that rapidly rolling out a highly effective and targeted online learning course has positively impacted our bottom line.”

Vicki Przytocki, Head of HR and Communications, said, “Having the data gives valuable insights into the business benefits of using online learning as part of how we train our staff. Being able to quickly roll out a pilot programme in line with business objectives means that we can support both the business and our people to improve operational efficiency. Feedback has been tremendous on the course, and that’s a further perk- to provide training that is enjoyable as well as educational.”