Shepherd Neame – shifting their culture to online learning

Upskill People is delighted to welcome Shepherd Neame on board as a new client. Britain’s oldest brewer, Shepherd Neame is a family business that brews beer using the finest traditional ingredients. A vertically-integrated regional brewer, Shepherd Neame has an estate of high quality pubs and hotels across the South East of England.

Angela Barlow, Field Trainer, met initially with Pete Fullard, Creative Director, selling in Upskill People to her manager saying, “You must meet this man”. She says, “We had previously looked at online learning but we found other systems too expensive or too boring. With Upskill People we really liked how it all fitted together and we could SEE A LOT OF POTENTIAL for our business. It gives us the opportunity to offer a blended learning programme.”

Shepherd Neame will be using the Upskill People learning platform to host their own courses and online briefings. Their current induction programme is being converted to online learning courses.


Angela says, “THE LEARNING PLATFORM IS A REAL BENEFIT for our business. Currently all training records are held at individual pubs and hotels, with all central courses hosted at the Brewery. This means that managers can’t see the courses and we can’t see who has been trained. The training audits are a manual process and very time intensive. Now everything will be in one place and with 360° visibility immediately on what training has been completed. We can be much more proactive and really value the reporting aspect in terms of monitoring our return on investment.”

Initial feedback on the Upskill People learning management system from managers, assistants and staff ahead of implementation has been tremendously positive. “It’s a huge cultural change for us in terms of how we operate and will take time to bed in,” says Angela. “WHAT IS SO POSITIVE IS THE TIMESAVING ASPECT FOR MANAGERS as previously we’ve been using an exam-based system that managers have to mark themselves. Suddenly this disappears and frees up their time. That’s been an important factor in getting them to buy-in to online learning.”