Service Excellence through e-learning

At Upskill People, we understand that your staff are the key to excellent customer service. We want to make sure they have the skills and confidence to deliver with our interactive sales and service training. Great customer service is vital to business success, but nearly two-thirds of consumers in Asia won’t shop with a retailer after just one poor experience. This is according to The Digital Consumer in Asia 2018 Report. Upskill People’s sales and service course is designed with a retailer’s success as the main objective. Your team will get the knowledge, skills, and confidence to deliver high levels of service to help your business improve. Customer service excellence The course delivers a highly engaging learning experience and includes video-based scenarios and assessments. During the course, the learner is guided by our friendly store manager, Alvin.

Get to know Alvin below:

Throughout the course, the learner is prompted to challenge themselves in realistic customer service challenges. It allows learners to test their skills and gain the confidence to deliver great customer service.

On completing the course, the learner will know:

  • That sales and good service is about getting on with people well, which leads to greater job satisfaction all round
  • Steps to a sale, including how to make the first more with customers, but why it can make a big difference to how you both feel
  • How to observe customers and look for buying signals
  • That product knowledge is key to successful sales
  • Strategies to increase sales, such as upselling, linking products, offering alternatives, the power of touch, and offering an opinion
  • How to recognise and approach different types of customer to build rapport and maximise sales
  • The simple rules for managing queues and signalling for help

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