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wellbeing for your team
Improve wellbeing, improve business

We have a range of online courses to help you look after your team and we’ve written a guide on how to include online into your mix, and most importantly how to measure the outcomes.

Your managers, measured
Your managers, measured

A contemporary approach to upskilling your managers, it’s proven and fits in with whatever you’re doing now. In a…

Why e-learning works for The Works

Discount retailer, The Works, sells over one million products every week from over 500 stores across the UK…

Building a wellbeing culture

A wellbeing culture must be woven into the fabric of your company if you want to improve your team’s performance.

Mark Jenkins - Feedback - Upskill People
The art of giving feedback

Feedback is the most cost-effective way to improve a business. That’s what Mark Jenkins says is the most valuable thing…

Wellbeing Insight Image
Wellbeing and management development

Wellbeing costs the UK economy £77.5 billion a year. To put that in perspective, that could pay for 82 million coffees…

measured learning
Measuring management development

We’ve been running some Managing People pilots and measured learning impacts using 360 reviews. But what do those who…