Our Story

We’re all about you, but here’s a little about us.

We have a mission. To always provide effective online learning experiences that unlock potential and help people shine.

It all began in 1994. That’s when our founder Pete had the light-bulb moment. He wanted to do something different. Something that helped people learn new skills in an engaging way. Using the best that technology had to offer (which was a challenge back then, CD recorders were only commercially available in 1996!). Where easy could mean powerful.

Meet Pete.

Pete Fullard

Pete – he gets up each day firing on all cylinders with ways to keep making a difference to people. That in turn makes a measurable difference to business.

Driven by a personal belief in the potential of people, Pete is something of an innovator (new ideas keep him awake at night). But he’ll never recommend innovation for innovation’s sake. He’ll be cutting edge, but he’ll always keep one eye on time and cost. You can always trust that value for money will be his team mantra.

Over 20 years of developing talent has meant that Pete really knows the learning audience. Working with hundreds of organisations has brought him experience of a wide range of retail and hospitality’s sub-sectors. So you get access to all the best practice and theories that really work for business. Most of all, he knows people have to be motivated to learn – pulled, not pushed there. Because he knows when people are learning, developing skills they can really do something with – that’s when they’ll shine for you.

Oh, and we should mention, alongside his big passions for music, food and keeping (reasonably) in shape, Pete’s the proud owner of a Wine and Spirit WSET level 2 qualification, (it took a lot of practical research and commitment to get that). He’s also on a private mission to find the best shoes to fit his size fifteens. All of which fit in nicely with his other passion: visiting clients’ venues and settings (learning lots and giving honest feedback).

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Meet Les.

Les Thomas

Or should we say, when Les met Pete. Because Les started off his Upskill People journey as a client, and a very lovely one he was too. A really forward thinking IT Director, Les spent his client years working closely with us, trying out new ideas to make a real difference to the national high street retail business he was in.

Pete and Les gelled. Different skills and different approaches – Pete’s about the why, and Les is about the how. Les seized the opportunity… and joined us.

Les – he’s your systems man. Systems that bring structure, control and predictability. That make a real difference. To people. To business. With a background that’s strongly focused in IT and project management, Les ensures that each and every client’s project is in a safe pair of hands.

Les is all about what our business can do for people, development, support, quality and delivering consistently. He is always pushing to be ever better. As well as being very passionate about helping people professionally and outside of business.

Along with Pete, Les champions an open, honest, fair approach to business. Culture is pretty crucial to Les. A work culture that gets people thriving, developing. Learning. His commitment to developing people isn’t just shown in his work for clients, but at Upskill People itself. It’s fair to say we practice what we preach, developing new team members through apprenticeships. It’s why we’re proud to boast such long-standing talent in our team.

Mad keen on rugby, Les spends a lot of his spare time working (and socialising) with his local community.

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