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Backstory: New manager Charlotte has been at Rise and Dine Deli for three-months. Anna, an experienced team leader, has just announced that she’s been offered a management position with another company. Charlotte is surprised and needs to act quickly if she’s to avoid losing a valued member of her team…

The key skills this episode focuses on are: people, restructure and business.

Watch the scene below from Managing People – Managing Talent then decide what you think Charlotte should do next to conclude the meeting positively.

Answer 1

Thank Anna for being so open and end the conversation by reinforcing the specific reasons why Rise and Dine is a better employer than the other company.

Answer 2

Thank Anna for being so open and make it clear how valued she is within the organisation and emphasise what a loss it will be if she leaves.

Answer 3

Thank Anna for being so open and ask her to weigh up the short-term opportunity of the job offer with the potential for long term growth with Rise and Dine.

What would be the best thing to do next? Scroll down to see what we think.

Answer 3!

We think this is the best response. It reinforces the idea that there will be opportunities at Rise and Dine without making any promises (RESTRUCTURE). It makes it clear that the decision is Anna’s alone, while showing concern that she considers the bigger picture (PEOPLE). It’s a good place to end the conversation, making it clear to Anna that she is valued, and keeps open the possibility that she may yet stay with the business (BUSINESS).



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