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Backstory: Rise and Dine manager Charlotte bumps into one of her team, Oscar. He’s making great progress on his personal development plan to become a Team Leader and she’s heard great things about his progress. Charlotte’s expecting a positive chat with Oscar, but she’s learning to expect the unexpected…

The key skills this episode focuses on are: coach and motivate.

Watch the scene below from Managing People – Coaching & Performance Management then decide what you think Charlotte should say to turn the conversation around.

Answer 1

Let me check my understanding. You don’t feel ready for promotion. You feel tired all the time and you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the extra workload and responsibility.

Answer 2

Let’s come back to that in a minute. When we started, you said you wanted to prove yourself in the role. Can you tell me what it would mean to you to be promoted to Team Leader?

Answer 3

I want to feed back to you that you do appear to be coping with the additional workload, and lots of people have told me they think you are doing a good job.

What would you say next? Scroll down to see what we think.

Answer 2!

We think this is the best response. It turns the conversation away from Oscar’s negative feelings, while acknowledging that they will be addressed. It demonstrates Charlotte has been listening carefully (COACH). The question will help remind Oscar of his original motivation (MOTIVATE).



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