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A healthy team is a high performing team

Confidently manage mental health and wellbeing to create and maintain a culture of care

The workplace can be a pressurised environment. Home life can also be a source of stress. As a manager, you want your team members to bring their best self to work, to feel valued and motivated. You need to look out for their mental health and wellbeing as well as monitoring their job performance to achieve this. You also have a duty of care.

It can be much harder to spot a mental health issue than a physical condition, so you need to pay more attention to subtle clues. Recognising a problem early could save your team a lot of distress and save a lot of money for your business. Leading by example, you can help create a culture at work where people feel able to raise issues and the team look out for one another.


Monitoring your team for potential mental health issues

Download this document to learn more about the ‘warning signs’ that someone may be struggling with a personal or work-related issue that is affecting their wellbeing.

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Learn how to confidently manage mental health and wellbeing to create and maintain a culture of care.

For a quick overview – watch the course trailer.

This episode gives you confidence to make changes that remove the stigma of mental health issues in the workplace. You’ll discover how you can create a culture of communication and empathy to help your team perform at its best.

Charlotte is concerned for the wellbeing of a couple of her team. Rosie has been turning up late for work, seems unhappy and is often scruffy. Anna has been making a lot of mistakes recently and has left jobs half-finished. She’s also being snappy with colleagues.

Charlotte must find the right way to engage with her team members, handling difficult conversations with sensitivity and empathy. She must also tackle the behaviour that is having an adverse effect on the team.

The road ahead seems daunting, but by adopting the right attitude and approach, she can achieve great things.


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