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Recruiting the best people

Recruit, select and develop the right people with the right skills for your team

Recruiting the right people is essential to help build and manage a successful team. The retail and hospitality industries are known to have high staff turnover and different levels of staffing needed at different times of the year. Recruitment of the right staff (both full time and temporary) is vital for the smooth running of the business, brand reputation and staff morale.

Whatever the process your organisation has for recruitment, your managers need the skills to recruit the right people for the right roles. And to carry out the recruitment process in a way that is fair, sets the right expectations and reflects your brand.

The interview is often a candidate’s first insight into your business. As an employer, whether a candidate is successful or not, you want to leave them with a good impression.


Making a good decision on who to hire

Find out a little about how to select the right job candidate to join your team, by downloading this document from Managing People Episode 3: Recruitment.

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Learn how to recruit, select and develop the right people with the right skills for the team.

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In this episode, you’ll learn how to identify skills gaps in your team and consider the different ways to fill them. You’ll understand the importance of assessing and monitoring performance and how to develop team members for promotion. You’ll also discover the knowledge and skills required to effectively prepare for, and conduct, external interviews.

After going through the process of assessing her team, Charlotte begins the recruitment process for vacant roles. A new team member is required. Charlotte interviews external candidates who have been selected based on key criteria. She narrows it down to two candidates. But which should she choose?

Charlotte also needs to fill a Team Leader role. Tony, her boss, is insistent that someone with leadership experience should be recruited. However, this is a role that employee Oscar has unsuccessfully applied for in the past. If he’s overlooked again, he might start asking some serious questions.


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