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Preparation is the key to your success

Plan how to engage with and motivate a team

Whether you’re new to your management role or already have the experience you need to establish strong and clear leadership. A 100 Day Plan helps you set out the goals you want to achieve over the course of three months and for the long term.

If you’re a new manager you’ll be finding your feet and putting measures in place to deliver results. As an established manager, a 100 Day Plan helps you turn strategy into action. Especially when you need to focus your attention on raising levels of performance.


Prepare to have a positive impact on your team

This document from Managing People Episode 1: Preparation, will help you develop your own 100 Day Plan.

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Learn how to make a plan and set personal goals to engage with and motivate a team.

A quick overview – watch the course trailer.

This episode helps you understand how successfully communicating with your team builds positive relationships. By interacting with your team, you will quickly identify key challenges and areas for improvement. Using this knowledge, you can create a plan to achieve positive change.

Charlotte’s first task is to assess the existing team and their performance (something worth doing regularly) – to build a picture of why the performance of this Rise and Dine outlet has declined under the previous manager. She starts with 1-2-1 conversations with each member of the team. It’s evident she’s got her hands full. Some employees are falling behind the required standards and she has inherited some unresolved issues.

The road ahead seems daunting, but by adopting the right attitude and approach, she can achieve great things.

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A learner-centred design that works

Managing People – Preparation includes a summary animation to help consolidate the learning, making it easy to remember all the key points.

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