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Reap the benefits of successful induction

Successfully induct a new starter and address issues with performance during probation

It’s important new recruits get the best possible start, if you want to make sure they stay and thrive. A good induction process helps to reduce staff turnover costs, engage and motivate both new and existing team members. It also contributes to the implementation of good systems with practices and processes consistent across your company.

If it’s done right, your new team member will be successfully integrated into your company and the team they’re working within. Induction is an opportunity to reinforce their decision to come and work for you, cementing their first impressions.


Getting the first few weeks right

Find out a little about how to plan inductions for your team, by downloading this document from Managing People Episode 4: Induction.

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Learn to successfully induct a new starter and address issues with performance during probation.

For a quick overview – watch the course trailer.

This episode helps you manage a successful induction process that results in high staff morale and retention. You’ll also learn how to handle performance issues during probation, and when to step in with further training if a member of your team has not gained the skills they need through induction.

Charlotte’s taken on responsibility for inducting the new team member and she’s received an unexpected piece of information that’s given her cause for concern. It seems they’ve been quietly helping themselves to some stock. Charlotte needs to deal with this fast.

Charlotte also needs to address team member Gemma’s repeated absence and poor performance. It’s revealed that Gemma lacks confidence in her role because she was never given a proper induction. What should Charlotte do?


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