Your managers, measured

A contemporary approach to upskilling your managers, it’s proven and fits in with whatever you’re doing now.

In a nutshell:
It starts with a Quick Skills Check to show your managers’ skills now. Then a mix of online learning and remote coaching. Next, Mastery Checks show what behaviour change has started to happen. It’s all brought together with a final ‘Where next?’ coaching session, to review and launch their further development. The final evaluation comes from assessing the impact of the coaching, combined with feedback from the courses.

The result, a completely online approach to upskill and coach your managers that can be consistently and easily measured.

Pick what you need and blend it in with what you’ve got.




It’s all based on 69 behaviours grouped into 7 competencies that make a good manager:

Once you’ve checked them over, let us know what you think, just answer one question and see how aligned you are with other organisations: