Launching Managing People

When we launched Managing People at the Shard, it was a great opportunity to find out what people thought. We interviewed some of our clients as well as managers who have successfully completed the courses. Their feedback on the series was fantastic.

In creating the Managing People series we also included a step-by-step guide on measuring the impact of learning in your organisation. Have a look here at some clients giving their thoughts on it.

Check out these three short films to see what people are saying about Managing People, and how you can successfully measure the Return on Expectation you get.

See how the soap opera storyline approach might be nearer to the truth than you thought!

And it doesn’t just end when the course is completed, the tangible benefits and results are measurable.

It’s always great to hear from the people who really matter, that we are achieving exactly what we set out to do… to make online learning simple and help people shine. Here’s a few comments we liked…

“I really liked how interactive it was, it was enjoyable and I was learning at the same time. It left me excited for the next course.”

“I liked that the video scenes were followed by questions and decision making along the way. It not only gives learners a chance to apply the theories but also feedback on the choices they make and the best-suggested response.”

“Excellent for managers, new managers and aspiring managers.”

Check out the courses for yourself:

Managing People Series