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Latest management thinking – Appraisals

Insights / Managing People

Pete Fullard

Do you know the latest in management thinking?

If you’re feeling confident, why not test your skills.

Backstory: Appraisals at Rise and Dine Deli have not been carried out effectively over the past few years, so manager Charlotte is determined to make sure that everyone has a proper one. Kerry has an unexpected outburst during her appraisal and Charlotte needs to think quickly…

The key skills this episode focuses on are: plan, engage and handle challenges.

Watch the scene below from Managing People – Appraisals then decide what you think Charlotte should say next in this appraisal, to keep the focus correct.

Answer 1

This appraisal is an opportunity to discuss your performance. I assessed you as needing improvement on attitude based on my observations, but you think you should be scored higher. Without making comparisons to others, do you want to explain why you think your attitude should be rated as exceeding expectations?

Answer 2

The appraisal isn’t a waste of time. In fact, you saying this is a good example of how your attitude can let you down. I think I fairly assessed you as needing improvement. Most of the time, you are very pro-active but on occasion, people have asked for your help and you have refused to give it.

Answer 3

You think my assessment is ridiculous and the appraisal meeting is a waste of time. I’d like to hear why you feel this way. I can back up my assessment with evidence of things I’ve observed, but I’d like you to justify why you think your attitude should be rated as exceeding expectations before I go through these.

What should happen next? Scroll down to see what we think.

Managing People

Answer 1!

This is the most appropriate response to the point of disagreement (CHALLENGES). Instead of getting into an argument with Kerry, Charlotte calmly re-states the purpose of the appraisal discussion, and gives her the opportunity to state her side (ENGAGE). She shows she’s prepared for the discussion (PLAN).



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