Why e-learning works for The Works

Discount retailer, The Works, sells over one million products every week from over 500 stores across the UK and Ireland. They began using e-learning to engage and upskill their huge workforce, and almost instantly, they began seeing the benefits.

Retail Week e-learning gives us multiple benefits.
First of all, we’re able to get information to a mass audience in a very quickly.

Secondly, it allows us to complement our other learning activities, for example classroom based training or on-the-job training.

Thirdly, it gives us access to fantastic management information, so we can understand completion rates, and analyse data we can work with to inform future decisions.”

Simon Patton Head of HR, The Works

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We had a very traditional training system, very paper-based, which we know didn’t suit everyone; and we also know it didn’t give us the maximum possible business results. So we went out there to have a look at e-learning.
Nick Wood, Retail Operations Director

125% increase in Loyalty Card uptake and 38% increase in transactions

Within the first three weeks of their Loyalty Card e-learning course going live, The Works saw a measurable impact on performance. Transactions in store went up by 38% and with store staff more confident when introducing the card to customers, the uptake of it also increased by 125%.

One of the benefits of the e-learning platform is that it’s instantly measurable. We saw within the first three weeks of going live with the e-learning module that 95% of the retail store team had completed the training.”

Laura Harborne, Head of Loyalty

e-Learning really does sell

I was chosen to join the working party as my results were extremely poor, being 15th in the country out of 16 areas. After 2 weeks, I had moved the area to 2nd position.”

That’s the result Brian Chivers, Area Manager, had after taking his team through the Till Tellers e-learning pilot. “The staff were more confident talking about Till Tellers and were more able to approach the customers, engage with them at a higher level and, as I say, sell more products.”

The feedback from our colleagues has been very positive. 94% said they enjoy this way of learning and preferred it as a learning option, also they found it really easy to use on portable devices, so they’ve been able to do it either at work or from home.”
David Hathersmith, Retail Operations Manager


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