Why e-learning works for The Works

Discount retailer, The Works, sells over one million products every week from 375 stores across the UK and Ireland. They began using Retail Week’s e-learning to engage and train their workforce of over 2,500 colleagues. And almost instantly, they began seeing the benefits.

Retail Week e-learning gives us multiple benefits. First of all, we’re able to get out to a mass audience in a very quick, short space of time. Secondly, it allows us to complement our other learning activities, for example classroom based training or on-the-job training.

“Thirdly, it gives us access to some fantastic management information, so we can understand completion rates, and it just gives us fantastic data that we can work with and inform future decisions.”

Simon Patton Head of HR, The Works



We had a very traditional training system, very paper based, which we know didn’t suit all of our colleagues, and we also know it didn’t give us the maximum possible business results. So we went out there to have a look at e-learning.

“We got to the position where we were pleased with the relationship we had with Upskill People in terms of how we’re going to work going forward, and with the added impact of having Retail Week as the overriding partner was just a marriage made in heaven.”

Nick Wood, Retail Operations Director

In partnership Retail Week and Upskill People are providing the best e-learning platform for retail professionals, with highly interactive, scenario based courses. Courses that aim to change learning from something your staff has to do to something they want to do, when it suits them best.

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