e-Learning how to be Co-operative

The Co-operative College has been busy with our Easy Course Builder. They’ve created some brilliant e-learning courses for Co-operatives worldwide, based on their existing successful training packs on the fundamentals of being a Co-operative.

What is a Co-operative?

“Upskill People has a great understanding of Co-operatives having worked with a large number of our retail members. They were a natural partner to help us create e-learning content and courses, so we can take what we do face to face and put it online. The Co-operative movement is expanding rapidly. Our aim is to be a knowledge hub and the place to come for education, training and information for, and about, Co-operatives.”

Simon Parkinson, Principal & Chief Executive of the Co-operative College

Initially choosing to develop six modules of courses, the college needed existing content in PDF/video format translated into engaging scripts for online learning. We gave them a hand.

We first guided them on how to convert their content into interactive and animated online learning experiences. Then we set them up with a freelance scriptwriter to work with their team. Together, they put together the rest of the courses, making courses come alive with the talents of a great in-house graphic designer.

“Easy Course Builder has been superb. It is indeed very easy and simple to use and we can use it with all our Cooperative members worldwide. Working with Upskill People we can pool our knowledge, skills and resources to create content that engages our members. E-learning is a real art and we’re learning a great deal along the way.”

Angela Colebrook, Learning and Development Manager at the Co-operative College

e-learning driving performance for co-operatives worldwide

The six courses are designed for the 7,000+ independent Co-operatives that exist in the UK. They quickly and easily demonstrate to people what makes a Co-operative a different way of doing business and the benefits of being part of one.

  • What is a Co-op?
  • Co-op Values and Principles.
  • Membership Engagement.
  • Good Governance.
  • Roles & Responsibilities.
  • Monitoring Co-operative Performance.

Now the Co-op College has created the perfect blend of learning. They are supplying a range of our off-the-shelf courses to the thousands of independent Co-operatives worldwide. These join their ever-growing library of interactive and engaging e-learning content they are developing themselves and in collaboration with Upskill People.