Are you running a risky business?

Revamped and updated Managing Food Hygiene and Health & Safety For Managers

Turning risk into reward just got even easier with our new and improved versions of manager compliance courses.

image01Compliance isn’t just a tick box exercise. It’s not only about having files of policies and procedures in place, or just making sure your employees have received training. It’s about the law and about keeping you, your employees and your customers safe.

Managing Food Hygiene or Health & Safety in any environment can be challenging, and those in a management role need to be fully equipped with the knowledge to confidently communicate safe standards to employees. Without that communication, standards will slip, and slips put people at risk.

Don’t let it happen to you

At Upskill People, we know the exact challenges your Managers face, and that’s why we’ve completely revised and updated our two key online learning compliance courses for managers – Managing Food Hygiene and Health & Safety for Managers. Our previous courses were pretty awesome but times change. Learning moves on and we certainly don’t like standing still.
Our new courses are jam packed with interactivity, new videos, up to date legislation and best practice, as well as following nationally recognised learning criteria.

image04bIn fact, they contain everything needed to get your managers trained and competent in hours rather than days, and all for the cost of a lunch!

It doesn’t stop there. Because we’re keen on best practice, we keep all our courses updated so you don’t have to.

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Managing Food Hygiene

Health & Safety for Managers