Acrylamide food legislation – what you need to know

Food business operators will be required to adhere to new legislation surrounding the chemical acrylamide as of 11th April 2018.

Acrylamide forms from a reaction between amino acids and sugars, so it’s important to control the processes and procedures where it’s created. Acrylamide Awareness is a short course created in our Easy Course Builder tool. It gets the key information across quickly and effectively. It can be easily tailored to include clients’ own products.

Frances Tucker, Managing Director of Surefoot Solutions, said: “We’re delighted to endorse this new course from Upskill People and it’s so simple to tailor to client requirements. It gives teams a real understanding as to how they can comply with the legislation and provide the safest possible product to their customers”.

To cover the legislation a minor update has been made to Upskill People’s Food Hygiene Essentials course, outlining basic information. Generic customers receive a FOC update, and should refresh the team on this module of the course.

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