You’ve got the job!

A new approach to online induction

There’s nothing like receiving and accepting a job offer. The exhilaration. The expectations of what a new career can potentially deliver.

And then there’s the wait until the first day.

So yes, you should absolutely focus on getting your hiring right. That’s really important.

Just as crucial is how you onboard and induct your new employees. This is what gives them continued confidence that they’ve made the right decision to join you.

Induction - Upskill People_HighQualityThe period between job acceptance and walking through the door as a new member of the team can feel like a long wait. With your recruits eager for information, a planned induction process that begins from the moment of job acceptance means your new employees will be more prepared when work officially starts. It’s the perfect time to gradually introduce them to your company, the products and services you provide, what they can achieve and your expectations of them in their new role.

Our five part induction series begins as soon as the job offer is accepted. The series is delivered online and works on all devices, so your stars of the future can get a head start in their new role.

Everything works out of the box but they can be easily tailored by adding linked images, documents and videos (as well as pretty much anything else) to make the induction just right for your organisation.

Team managers, operations and the HR team can instantly see how each individual is progressing through the series and every course has a quiz to show achievement and keep new team members motivated.

The series covers the following topics:

You’ve Got The Job!

  • A warm welcome to the company, its brand(s), what it’s like and where you’ll work.
  • An understanding of what the whole induction will involve.
  • What to expect from the industry.

Just Before You Start

  • Get to know more about the company’s history and achievements.
  • Learn exactly what will happen in your induction period – your roadmap.

Day 1

  • Understand more about great service in this industry.
  • Learn what the company expects of you and where you fit into the team.
  • Get to know who does what and where.
  • Key things from the staff handbook about policies and procedures.

One Week In

  • Learn how to really get on in the sector and that customer service is key to success.
  • Get to know about the appraisal system and how your progress is reviewed.

A Few Weeks In

  • Learn what opportunities are available to you to progress.
  • Understand what others have achieved in the company.
  • Learn what the employee rewards/benefits will be.

Our Induction Series caters for both retail and hospitality and are part of the many courses we offer to meet all your training needs.

The approach and outcomes of the Induction Series tie in perfectly with our Management Training courses giving managers skills from recruitment, through to induction and performance measurement. Put this all together and your new team members get brought on board with a great experience that continues throughout their time with you.

In the words of Tom Peters, an authority on business management known best for his work ‘In Search of Excellence’:

You take care of the people.

The people take care of the service.

The service takes care of the customer.

The customer takes care of the profit.

Taking care of your people starts from the moment they accept your job offer.

Start as you mean to go on.

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