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We’re game, are you?

Games are on every device and they’re here to stay. Whether it’s the latest Candy Crush or an old staple like Solitaire, people all over the world are addicted to games.

PF Colour Square 2 600x600At Upskill People, we’ve recognised the power of gamification and how it can be used as an effective, consistent learning tool. A tool which can test your people’s knowledge, and give them the confidence to apply new skills in the workplace.

The learning itself has to be engaging. It’s got to be relevant. It’s got to lead to personal development and improvement.

So we’ve taken what we know to give you some tips on how to use gamification successfully.

Game on!

Pete Fullard, Founder & Director, Upskill People

Games as a learning tool

We could have been swept up in the latest craze and created something that focused on the addictive engagement of games – that sees people happily playing for 8 hours at a time. But what good is that to your business if all you need to progress is to cut a rope or match some sweets? Where is the knowledge? What has actually been achieved?

For games to deliver effective learning they have to excel in four key things: motivation, challenge, feedback, and reward.


gamification1We’ve always believed that people work better when they’re engaged and are upping their skills. Gamification works when great game design meets great learning content.

That’s when you have a winning formula. An engaged employee is a motivated employee – motivated to personally develop, motivated to progress and achieve, and motivated to use new job skills immediately.


rsasc1_intro_bamAre you testing and challenging people in what counts? Sure we can put a clock on the game and test people’s dexterity in tapping a fast moving object (pretty difficult when you’re holding a phone or tablet). But are these the skills that count in your workplace? Unless you’re in the computer games industry, probably not.

It’s about getting the right type and level of challenge to improve your people’s skills – directly related to the work that they do.

Make online learning too easy and you lose engagement. Make it too difficult and motivation is lost. Pitch it just right, and your people will rise to the challenge.


BatteriesQuizzes are one of the most effective elements of online learning. It’s only when a learner has to apply their skills that they know they are learning and developing.

Take it one step further with gamification and give detailed feedback instantly. It’s an ongoing challenge to keep those performance levels high and batteries charged.

Your people learn about the great (not just good) choices in all key performance indicators – Service, Standards, Sales and Products.


Disco SequenceProgress through each level, and achieve the reward and recognition for a job well done. As the learner progresses, the challenge gets harder and skill levels improve.

You can see exactly the skill level of each of your people. They get the reward of being the best they can be. It’s the ultimate win-win.

Up to the challenge?


gamification2-580pxWe’ve put our heads together with leading retailers to design the first Sales & Service Challenge that reflects the real working life of your people on the shop floor.

We know that your team face complex demands every day. They have to keep the store looking great, know about the products, be part of a performing team and look after the customers. It’s challenging to have the skills in all these areas to deliver a great experience, every time but needed to stay competitive.

In this game, your people face a series of challenges. They have to keep their batteries charged – and every battery relates to a key skill set of Service, Standards, Sales & Products.

gamification3With background information on the store layout, sales and promotions and customer profiles, it’s just like the real world. They take a starring role in the game, and as it unfolds they have to decide what to do and say next (and in the right order) to keep customers loyal and spending more in store.

As every decision is taken, they get feedback on their answer choice and recommendations on how they can improve. As they continue to practice and progress in the virtual environment, they become ready to put their new sales and service skills into action with your customers.

If you’d like to find out more about our new Sales & Service challenge – see our catalogue or email emma@upskillpeople.comfor more details. Happy gaming and learning.

Making gamification work for you

So that’s it. Experience and client feedback shows us that success lies in using engaging and interactive online learning that draws on the best of game design combined with great scenario based content to deliver skills improvement.

.devices-sqAnd because your workforce is always on the move, we’ve made the Sales & Service Challenge fully responsive so it can be used on all devices, in and out of work.

Just like all of our online learning, the Upskill People Platform captures just how your people are progressing. Instantly accessible, you and your managers can have a snapshot view of your people’s performance right down through to detail on an individual and the specific skills you need them to have.

For gamification to truly deliver value, it has to be inclusive and deliver a great learning experience. But above all, your people need to take the skills they’ve learned to change behaviour and improve their performance, which gives better business performance.

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