Routine Break App Icon w corners 1024x1024With more employees desk-bound, organisations need to work harder to ensure that their people take proper care of their own health and wellbeing. Naturally, we’ve got an online learning course to help.

Our Display Screen Equipment course shows how to assess workstations and explains what needs to be done to make sure they are safe to use, preventing pain and injury. Included in this course are a number of exercises for employees to stretch out cramped muscles and relieve pains on a regular basis each day.

But we wanted to do more. That’s why we’ve developed our Routine Break app. This means your team can use it to remind them to take a Routine Break.

Give it a try yourself and then pass on to your people via – encouraging them to download and use the app. Routine Break is completely free of charge with no data captured or registration process required so it’s totally safe and secure. Just one more way we’re going the extra mile to keep your people safe, happy and productive.



Preventing RSI

routine_break_screen_captures_ios_02Repetitive strain injuries are the most common injuries sustained in the workplace, according to the charity Repetitive Strain Injury. The figures mount up quickly. The TUC says:

  • 500,000 workers in the UK have reported a repetitive strain injury
  • 5.4 million work days are lost due to sick leave
  • Every day 6 workers leave their jobs due to insurmountable RSI
  • An estimated cost to UK industry is at least £5 billion annually

That’s a huge amount of lost income and productivity, not to mention the money paid out in compensation. Not to forget the enormous personal cost to employees.

And it shouldn’t happen. Employers have a duty of care and are legally obliged to prevent incidents as required by the Safety Act of 1974 and the Safety at Work Regulations, 1999.

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, Routine Break is designed to prevent potential RSI. A 5 minute break with 11 simple exercises will help keep you safer, fitter, healthier and happier.



Features of Routine Break

Take a Routine Break (click to open)

routine_break_screen_captures_ios_01Do you spend hours sitting at your desk? Do you spend more time looking at a computer screen than your surroundings? If so, you could risk developing aches and pains in your neck, back and wrists – aches and pains that not only affect your health and wellbeing, but also your work.

‘Desk fatigue’ can be prevented, and Routine Break from Upskill People is designed to do just that.

The key to staying healthy and feeling good is to take regular breaks from your workstation. Routine Break is a 5-minute routine of simple but effective exercises that stretch your body, relieve tension and keep you focussed.

Personalise your break (click to open)

We learn better when it’s fun and we like things better when they’re easy to use. We love things when we feel that they’re made just for us. That’s why we’ve packed our Routine Break app full of great features that can be tailored just to you.

routine_break_screen_captures_ios_06You get:

  • Programmable reminder: set the timer so your break fits in with your schedule
  • Music Selector: choose your own track from your collection to keep things interesting and get you moving
  • Easy Exercises: 11 videos guide you through the routine at your office chair
  • Post your results to Facebook or Twitter: let everyone know what you achieve each day and motivate your friends

Secret stretcher (click to open)

Office friendly exercises

routine_break_screen_captures_ios_04 routine_break_screen_captures_ios_03 routine_break_screen_captures_ios_02

The Downward Dog might be a staple yoga position but the thought of doing it in a busy office environment will get most of us blushing. That’s why we’ve designed discreet exercises that give you all of the benefits but none of the embarrassment of a full body workout midway through the morning.

11 exercises can be completed at your desk from simple ankle and wrist rotations to leg and shoulder stretches. If you do get questions, show your colleagues the Routine Break app and get them exercising. It’s all designed for your benefit. Who knows, you might even start a new office fitness regime.

Social sharer with Routine Break (click to open)

It’s good to share

routine_break_screen_captures_ios_05OK, so you’ve done your exercises and you’ve felt the benefits. Happier state of mind. More focussed at work. More productive. Less aches and more energy. Great! So why keep it to yourself.

With a quick tap on the social sharing buttons you can instantly post your progress on Facebook and Twitter.

A quick update and you’ll feel even better. Plus you can give your friends the opportunity to feel great as well.

Completely free - no catches (click to open)

Routine Break App Icon w corners 1024x1024Just so you know, Routine Break is completely and utterly free. There are no ads, no in-app purchases and as no data is captured, no personal details will stored. It’s available for both Android and Apple users so everyone with a smart phone or tablet can benefit.

It’s just our way of giving you that little bit extra to make you happier, fitter and healthier. What’s not to like about that! So give it a go and then pass this link on.



About Routine Break

Leading online learning company Upskill People has developed the Routine Break app. With experience of delivering millions of courses each year, all exercises in Routine Break come from Upskill People’s Display Screen Equipment course. This course is widely in use and has helped thousands of people make sure their workstation is a healthier and happier place to be. Find out more at Upskill People courses.