Keep the right side of the law across the nation

With legislation differing between England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland it can be complicated to know which legislation is applicable for different retail and hospitality outlets in each country.


That’s where we come in. Upskill People look after all the legislation and updates so your teams are always kept the right side of the law. We keep our legal eagle eyes on legislation so you don’t have to.

All updates for new legislation are automatically included for our clients and are totally free of charge, even if your courses are fully branded.

So here is a brief overview of what’s required and available in the different countries of the UK.

Age Restricted Sales

Code: Challenge 21 – RPD1, Challenge 25 – RPD5


At last there’s a comprehensive guide here for all the various products that carry age restrictions, whether it’s for a lottery ticket, a box of fireworks or medicines. These age restrictions also apply to alcohol and tobacco related products.

  • RPD1 and RPD5 apply to England, Wales and Northern Ireland and RPD5 is recommended for Scotland.

Alcohol Sales

Think 21 Alcohol Sales


Code: HAA1 (England & Wales).  The sales of alcohol can be fraught with issues. That’s why our course is crystal clear on all the relevant legislation for selling alcohol. Our courses have been endorsed by Drinkaware and developed in partnership with Due Diligence Systems.

Challenge 21 Alcohol Sales

iStock_000004441954MediumFor retailers and hospitality organisations in Northern Ireland we have two specific courses in line with legislation:

  • RAA1_NI for retail
  • HAA1_NI for hospitality

Challenge 25 Alcohol Sales

Code:   HAA5/RAA5 (England and Wales), HAA2/RAA2 (Scotland)

Alcohol Plus

Code: RAPL (England and Wales), RAPS (Scotland)

Code: HAPL (England and Wales), HAPS (Scotland)

Code: HAPL_NI (Northern Ireland) description as below for RAPL and HAPL

Retail and hospitality clients have different courses and there are also legislative requirements that are specific to Scotland.

  • HAPS and RAPS (Scotland): To complete the legally required syllabus for Scotland, this course should be partnered with Challenge 25 Alcohol Sales Scotland.

The legal requirement in Scotland is that each member of staff should have 2 hours training. On completion of the two courses, managers or other qualified individuals review the content and the alcohol related activities specific to the business. When recorded this will confirm that, in conjunction with our e-learning courses, the learner has received two hours of training.

  • RAPL and HAPL (England and Wales): This course is also available as an addition for all companies who want to ensure that their staff are trained above and beyond the legal requirements in England and Wales.

Tobacco Sales Challenge 21/25


Code:   Challenge 21/25 Tobacco – RTL1/RTL5

  • For both Challenge 21 and Challenge 25 Tobacco Sales (RTL1 and RTL5) we have updated the courses to include the legal requirement that e-cigarette sales are restricted to over 18s in England, Wales and Scotland. The courses are still applicable to Northern Ireland.
  • RTL5 for Scotland who have a mandatory ID request age of 25.

We take the hassle out of compliance. Because we’re great at data we can sort your outlets by the region they’re in and deliver the course that’s applicable to that region for all your people. Simple.

Check out our full course catalogue for all details or drop a line to find out more.