e-Learning partnership with Umbrella Training

With new apprenticeship standards coming into play we have been keen to help our retail and hospitality clients. We are delighted to form a partnership with Umbrella Training, an Elite Hospitality apprenticeship provider.

Umbrella Training have done a brilliant job using our Easy Course Builder to write a series of courses geared to the apprenticeship standards, and useful skills for any hospitality employee. The courses that have been developed in response are now live and are part of Upskill People’s extensive library of courses. You can find them under the section for Umbrella Training in our course catalogue.

Our MD Pete Fullard recently ran a webinar about ‘Truly changing behaviour with e-learning’, hosted by The Institute of Hospitality. For more information and to watch a short extract of the webinar, where Pete answers a question on the new apprenticeship standards and how e-learning is supporting this, go to the Umbrella Training website.