Counter Food Sales & Service Essentials

Analysts say that Britain’s coffee shop sector remains one of the most successful in the UK economy. It’s not just this sector that’s thriving – cafés, ‘food to go’ counters and fast food outlets are all meeting our need for tea/coffee, a quick bite to eat or an informal place to hook up with our friends.

HSSSC_Course_2So what is it that makes people choose one of your venues, rather than a competitor’s? Of course, quality of food and drink counts, but it’s more than that.

It’s about the experience, sales and service your customers receive.

That’s why we’ve launched our new course – Counter Food Sales and Service Essentials. It’s designed to give your people the confidence and skills to be really brilliant at sales and service. This gives your customers the best experience and you the best rewards.

There is an art to over the counter sales and service. One approach never works with all customers. It’s about tailoring and adapting to each customer. That’s what we upskill your team to deliver.

This new course is all about you developing your team’s approach and learning skills that will make you and your customers much happier.

With a fast turnover of staff and many inexperienced people at the sharp end, it’s essential to have easy to implement and quick to deliver training. For your more experienced people, the course helps improve, refine and hone their skills.

Upskill People’s Counter Food Sales and Service Essentials course gives your people the following skills:

·       How to serve people really well, every time, even when you’re busy

·       The importance of knowing what you offer and how to use this to improve the customer experience

·       How to keep stress levels low during service (through preparation and awareness)

·       Techniques to increase sales and your team job satisfaction

·       How to spot different types of people and yourself and build rapport

·       How to vary your approach according to the customers and the environment
The course is full of interactive role-plays set in Café Relax, to get your people thinking about how to offer great service to different customers and how to sell them different things.

HSSSC_Course_1Central to the course is a specific module on how to ‘Sell more, be the best’. The course demonstrates why ‘sales’ is not a dirty word. People come into your place to be sold products by you. Helping them understand what’s on offer, what’s best for them and suggesting new things is great selling and great service. The two things go hand in hand to create a great customer experience.

No matter how busy it becomes, you are never too busy to sell.

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